KC Kern
Global Strategist, Data Scientist, Technology Generalist

I am a recent MIT graduate with a drive to use new tools to fix old problems. I have over fifteen years of experience working with various forms of technology in personal, academic, and business settings. I am well-versed in fundamentals of business administration, econometrics, marketing, and organizational processes.

I have a strong background in consulting, international business, data science, systems architecture, web development, database administration, and digital media. I have experience with all major operating systems, and in many programming languages, development platforms, and software.

I have worked extensively in Seoul, San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, Salt Lake City, and North Carolina's Research Triangle. I have lived in five countries on three continents, and am proficient in the languages of English, French and Korean.

Work Experience

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  • Seoul, Korea
    Technical Program Manager
    April 2019 - Present


  • Seoul, Korea
    Global Strategist
    April 2015 - March 2019

    Samsung GSG is the best of both consulting and industry, allowing for the development of international business capabilities in a dynamic, multi-cultural environment. In tandem with the rapid growth of Samsung globally, GSG also aims to increase the breadth and depth of its activities within Samsung, with the ultimate goal of accelerating the deployment of GSG alumni to management roles at Samsung affiliates worldwide.

  • Salt Lake City, UT; Raleigh, NC
    Data Scientist
    May 2013 - March 2015

    I designed, built, and delivered a custom business intelligence and data warehousing solution that produces dashboards and reports for both internal operations and client-facing deliverables. Additionally, I delivered process design, operational efficiency assessments, and technology strategy consulting. I later lead a project to upgrade the system onto AWS hardware, implementing Amazon Redshift technology.

  • Cambridge, MA
    Marketing Strategist / Media Producer
    Jan 2013 - May 2013

    In an effort to increase Truonex's user base and communicate the vision and nature of the product, I produced several media assets for use in marketing and promotional settings. In addition, I provided analytical and consulting services to assist the formulation of marketing strategies and market penetration plans.

  • San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA
    Systems Integration Consultant
    Oct 2008 - Aug 2012

    In Systems Integration Consulting I worked where technology and business intersect. I worked on large-scale projects involving implementation of new systems for a client, to help create value and meet their business goals. I was involved from the concept stage of analyzing existing processes and designing, through to delivering and integrating solutions.

  • Provo, UT
    BYU Kennedy Center
    Web Developer / Media Producer
    Apr 2006 - Aug 2008

    While a student at Brigham Young University, I managed and updated the Kennedy Center's website (kennedy.byu.edu,) where I developed and implemented database-driven website modules (i.e. CMS) to manage calendar events, media archive entries, and frequently changing content. I also produced several hundreds of videos featuring live lectures and presentations, which were subsequently published to the online archive I created.


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  • Massachussets Institute of Technology
    Sloan School of Management
    Master of Business Administration
    Jun 2014

    MIT Sloan’s MBA program encompasses an unparalleled combination of in-depth case studies with live case discussions, collaborative projects, classes taught by exceptional faculty, chances to interact with industry leaders, and Action Learning Lab classes.

  • Accenture Project Management School
    Jan 2012

    Project Management school covers key project management concepts in the context of using proven industry methods, tools, knowledge, and preferred practices. Curriculum includes training on planning projects, managing resources, making decisions and ensuring the smooth flow of the project through execution.

  • Accenture Technology Architecture School
    Oct 2010

    Technology Architecture School centers on the role of the Technology Architect and the breadth of skills needed to define and deliver architecture solutions. It focuses on applying Architecture Principles and Concerns and using Accenture Delivery Architectures.

  • Marriott School of Management
    Brigham Young University
    Bachelor of Science in Information Systems
    Aug 2008

    Built on a solid foundation of business courses, the curriculum advances understanding of technologies in the design and development of information systems. It develops technical expertise in systems analysis; systems design and implementation; database development and management; programming; telecommunications; networking; n-tier application development; and web application development.



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  • Qualitative

    Business law, finance, economics, marketing, organizational processes, accounting and management theory; information synthesis, sense-making, and problem solving; teamwork, leadership, responsibility, and collaboration; game theory, strategy, and descision science. Special focus on the industries of software, enterprise and consumer technology, energy and sustainability, and international relations.

  • Quantative

    Data mining, econometrics, predicitive analytics, machine learning, timeseries analysis, combinatorics, string parsing, linear/logistic regression, data visualization, systems dynamics, macroeconomic analysis, conjoint analysis, balance sheet equation functions, data management, relational database modeling.


  • Programming, Scripting, and Markup Languages

    (X/D)HTML, XML, JSON, Java, PHP, Unix Shell, Perl, SQL, JavaScript (incl. jQuery), CSS, RSS, XPath, Regular Expressions, AppleScript, Oracle DAL, C, TI-BASIC; object oriented, functional, and procedural programming

  • Tools and Platforms

    Stata, R, Social Media API's, iTKO LISA, IBM WebSphere MQ, Jenkins CI, Maven, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, CakePHP, phpMyAdmin, , Zend Framework, Google Data API's

  • Operating Systems, Software, and IDE’s

    Windows (XP, Server 2003, Vista, 7), Mac OS X, Linux (Ubuntu, Amazon EC2, Red Star OS), Unix (AIX), IIS, Apache, MySQL, Postgres, Amazon RedShift, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, Sublime Text, Maya, Eclipse, Netbeans, Final Cut Pro, etc.


  • Management

    I have been in the leadership of multiple offshore teams of workers, two of which were located in Mumbai, India; one of which was located in Pune, India; and one whose members were scattered across southern Asia and the Pacific, ranging from Pakistan to the Philippines. In each case, taking the time to raise my sensitivity to the cultural differences proved to be essential to collaborating effectively. I also had the chance to travel to India to work directly with one of the teams, an experience which was immensely eye opening.

  • Exposure

    Apart from professional travels, various other life circumstances have placed me in other parts of the world; through the course of my childhood, adolescence, and young adulthood, I lived for 6 years in francophone Belgium, 1 year in France, 2 years in Germany, and 2 years in Korea. In each instance, I had immersive or near-immersive cultural exposure, and made many friends and associates from across the cultural, racial, and socio-economic spectrums, gaining a sense of respect and admiration for each person based on their own qualities, and for each culture on its own terms.

  • Languages

    Through my native and international experiences, I have become fluent in English, French, and Korean. I have also done some study and/or had some learning exposure to German, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, and Thai.

Design and Artistic

  • Film

    I have a long-time hobby of filmmaking, which allows me to work at the convergence of cinematography, performing arts, writing, story-telling, film editing, musical scoring, and production management. I have entered multiple film festivals, and several of my portfolio pieces have received international media recognition or awards.

  • Music

    I have studied and practiced music since childhood; I am a deft pianist, specializing in improvisation, cocktail piano, playing by ear, and composition. I incorporate technical skills into my music, routinely recording multi-track pieces via MIDI technology, which empowers me to post-process, refine, mix and publish my compositions and arrangements.



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  • Cory L.

    KC is incredible in that he possesses technical skills as well as 'soft' interpersonal ones, as well. He was able to think strategically and troubleshoot complex bureaucratic and technical processes, saving us on our bottom line.

  • Lisa D.

    From a very early stage KC was delegated full responsibility, with supervisory input coming just in the form of review input and the daily team status meetings... This has been much appreciated [me] and has enabled [me] to focus on other areas that were more in need of ‘management’.

  • Tariq N.
    Team Leader

    KC has made significant contributions to the entire development team with tools such as the system environment tracker and functional reports. These tools provide great visibility into dependencies and status updates that developers use on a very routine basis. By developing these tools and providing improved functionality, KC effectively gauges the needs of the developers and testers and is able to provide useful capabilities in an effective manner.


Contact Me

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Contact info

  • 107-3501 Gomurae-ro 35
    Banpo-1-dong, Seocho, Seoul 137-761
  • (6617) KC-KERN
  • kc@kckern.com


I am currently located in Seoul, South Korea.